You can contact the artist by either telephoning 07990861669 or by email

If you are experiencing difficulty in attaching your photographs, here are a few tips on successfully adding attachments to an email.

- STEP 1 -
When using a camera or phone, please save the images in their full size (do not reduce them)

- STEP 2 -
Click on the above email link, this will then automatically
open your mail browser and add the Pet Portraits email address.

- STEP 3 -
Type "portrait" or enter the animal's name in the subject box.

- STEP 4 -
Type your message in the usual way and include your home or mobile telephone numbers.

- STEP 5 -
At the the top of your e-mail browser click on the attach option. (sometimes shown as a paperclip)

- STEP 6 -
Press "send" in the menu at the top of your email browser window.

You will then receive your "confirmation of delivery" email within 24 hours